Sell My House!

That is what every seller wants to simply YELL at their real estate agent. Truth be told that is exactly what the agent is working to do. The goals of the home seller and the real estate agent should be one in the same; To sell the home for the most money in the least amount of time. Home sellers are always questioning what the agent is “doing” to sell the home. This is a valid question, as the seller is paying the agent generally 6% of the sales price. What the seller often fails to do is ask themselves the same question. It is equally important for the home seller to make sure they are doing their part to sell the home. Below is a brief list of actions each home seller should take responsability for to better their success at selling their home.

  • Get Organized: Go through and organize each room in your house including drawers, closets, and cabinets (Yes, buyers will be looking there too!)
  • Keep the home clean as a whistle. First impressions are everything when selling a home. It may be better to decline an appointment if you have had a busy week and haven’t had a chance to clean the house. When buyers walk into a home that is not cleaned it can distract them from seeing the home’s full potential.
  • You love your family, but home buyers don’t: We find pleasure in displaying photos of our memories. It brings us joy each time we look at them. However, having these items displayed when selling a home will make potential buyers feel as though the home belongs to someone else. This makes it difficult for the buyers to envision the home belonging to them.
  • It has become invisible to you. As the years fly by there are certain “unfinished” areas of your home that you don’t even notice anymore. These things can be anything from a piece of trim you never got around to replacing, the corner of a room that you never finished paiting, or nail pops that naturally occur over time. These fixes are usually simple. Spend a little time and little money. It can go a long way.
  • A million great memories does not equate to a million dollars: Homes are full of great memories. And selling a home can be a very emotional time. It is important to remember that once the home is listed for sale it essentially becomes a “product” for sale. Home buyers will be evaluating a “product”, comparing it to other “products” and discussing it with their buyer’s agent.

Just as it is the buyer’s agent’s responsibility to help their buyers make a good offer, it is the seller’s agent’s responsibility to help the sellers see the true value of their home and to negotiate a good offer. ALthough it is difficult at times, it is very important for home sellers to not make emotional descisions and become offended if a buyer makes an offer that is much lower than expected. A seller should always make a reasonable counter offer as it may lead to an acceptable offer in the long run.

If you are conisidering selling your home in New Jersey contact Andrea Kappre for a free analysis of your home. If you are considering selling your home in another state contact Andrea Kappre for a referral to an experienced real estate agent in your area.

Andrea Kappre is a Realtor in New Jersey, helping buyers and sellers to successfully accomplish their real estate goals. For your own customized MLS search of homes for sale in Gloucester, Salem or Camden County or other South Jersey areas call or e-mail Andrea Kappre now. You can visit Andrea on the web at

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