Are You a First Time Home Buyer?

If you are a first time home buyer in New Jersey the first question you should ask yourself is “Does my agent specialize in first time home buyers?”  If you simply ask your agent I am sure they will tell you yes.  Most real estate agents suggest that they specialize in everything.  The truth is there are very few agents who actually specialize in working with first time home buyers. 
Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if you are currently working with a real estate agent who truly specializes in First Time Home Buyers:
1.  Has your agent educated you in the home buying process?  If you are working with an agent who has only taken you to property after property in hopes that you will find your dream home but has neglected to talk you about the many aspects of the home buying process then your agent does NOT specialize in first time home buyers. 
2. Has your agent insisted that you were disservice-approved prior to looking at homes?  If the agent you contacted was swift to show you homes but slow to have you pre-approved they are doing you a great disservice which could most certainly lead to heartache down the road. 
The most important question to ask yourself is:
3. Has your agent spoken to you about the many First Time Home Buyer Assistance Programs in the state of New Jersey?  If your agent has not explored these options with you, then it is likely that they do not even know that they exist.  There are many programs in the State of New Jersey to assist first time home buyers including the New Jersey Smart Start assistance program and the Gloucester County First Time Home Buyer Assistance Program. 
Buying your first home is an exciting time.  Be sure to hire a buyer’s agent who specializes in working with first time home buyers.  If you do not, it could cost you a great deal down the road.


Andrea Kappre is a Realtor in New Jersey, specializing in helping first time home buyers accomplish their dreams of home ownership. For your own customized MLS search of homes for sale in Gloucester, Salem or Camden County or other South Jersey areas call or e-mail Andrea Kappre now. You can visit Andrea on the web at  You can also follow her on Twitter at!/REALTORinNJ


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