Buyers Did You Know…

Buyers, did you know that you can have some or all of your closing costs paid by the seller?  This is also known as seller concessions.  By negotiating seller concessions you can free up money in your pocket for the other expenses that go along with purchasing a home
Seller concessions should be negotiated in the initial offer.  A good buyer’s agent will contact your loan officer to find out how much seller concessions you will need to cover most or all of your closing costs. 
It is very important that you work with a buyer’s agent and a loan officer that have experience in negotiating offers including seller concessions.  Your transaction will run smoother with less stress if you surround yourself with experienced professionals.

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Andrea Kappre is a Realtor in New Jersey, specializing in helping first time home buyers accomplish their dreams of home ownership. For your own customized MLS search of homes for sale in Gloucester, Salem or Camden County or other South Jersey areas call or e-mail Andrea Kappre now. You can visit Andrea on the web at You can also follow her on Twitter at!/REALTORinNJ


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