What many Realtors and lenders (and therefore buyers) don’t understand is that there are still many first time home buyer incentive right now. Indeed in New Jersey we are looking at a handful of assistance options including a $10,000 grant-assistance program, a 4% (of loan amount), and a zero-down (100%) financing option. And that is just in Gloucester County!

Why do I say that Realtors and Lenders and lenders don’t know about these options??

I talk to buyers that know little to nothing about such options. Buyers come to me because their agent could not answer their questions about such program options. The sad event is when the home buyer doesn’t research on their own and instead settles for whatever ignorant advice they get.

BUYERS do not need to miss out!! Ask as many questions as possible! Work with a local agent and lender that know their FIRST TIME HOME BUYER STUFF!!!! Do not settle for a mediocre substitute!
For more information on how to know if your agent specializes in First Time Home Buyers see “Are You a First Time Home Buyer?”
For more information on the responsibilities of a buyer’s agent see “A Buyer’s Agent’s Responsibility to Help a Buyer Make a Good Offer”
For more information for first time home buyers in Gloucester County see: “First Time Home Buyer in Gloucester County”


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